Grammarly Extension Chrome

Grammarly has been around since 2009. Built by linguists and engineers, who developed algorithms to detect patterns of good writing, it’s a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) system that has continuously improved over time.

Its AI system will review every sentence and find any errors by replacing them with the correct ones. This program can be accessed via the cloud. The web version is available, as well as an integrated version for Microsoft Word.

Different Grammarly Versions

Microsoft Word, Outlook and the Grammarly Plug In for Microsoft Office are equipped with Grammarly’s spelling-and grammar-checker. Once Grammarly is installed, the program will launch in Word’s Review Wizard. Click “Check” and Grammarly will apply the style that you have selected.

Grammarly’s pros and cons

Grammarly’s product has many strengths that even the harshest critics can’t see. It provides topnotch support, but in the end, you get what you pay for.

It is highly accurate.

It works with iOS, Windows and Mac.

Grammarly’s full features are not available in the free edition.

Pros Explained

It’s extremely accurate: This product is capable of doing almost everything you ask.

It supports Mac, Windows and iOS devices. To get an instant feel for your emails and texts, you can use it from your phone.

Con Explained

Grammarly doesn’t offer the full range of features in its free edition. To get any serious functionality, you’ll need to buy a premium version.

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

Grammarly can be tried for free by copying and pasting text to a box located on the website. It will then be added to Chrome for free. There’s also a seven-day free trial if you want to try all the features of Grammarly that are included in the paid version before you make a decision to purchase the product.

Grammarly is available for subscription on both monthly and annual plans. The price of Grammarly full is now dependent on how long you subscribe.

Monthly Subscription Plan: $29.95 per month

Quarterly Subscription Plan: $59.95 per quarter

Annual Plan: $139.95 annually

How does Grammarly Work

Grammarly can also be added to your browser’s extension or directly on its website. You can either write in real-time or paste text you have already written into the editor. Grammarly extensions and Grammarly websites provide a text editor which allows you to input content. An automated editor will then highlight any spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. These errors will be explained by the editor, along with suggestions for correcting them.

What is the difference between using Grammarly and cheating?

Grammarly’s story actually provides the answer. The anti-plagiarism trade is where the origins of the online tool lie.

According to The Stock Dork “Ukrainian Cofounders Alex Shevchenko & Max Lytvyn founded Grammarly in 2009,” says Dmytro Lider. Grammarly was born from MyDropbox (2004), the plagiarism detection startup of co-founders. This software was sold to universities in 2007 as a licensed product. This sale provided funding for the development of the browser extension we know today.” This initial source of revenue makes Grammarly more akin to something like plagiarism detection leader, than to custom cheating services like writemypaper4me. And true to its roots, Grammarly’s suite of services works more like a helpful advisor standing over your shoulder than an outsourced laborer, delegated to do the work for you.

Grammarly is a utility you can use to improve the quality of your writing but not the substance. That’s still your job.” – At its heart, Grammarly is a utility that you can use to improve your writing, but it won’t provide you with the substance at the heart of this writing. You still have to do that. Grammarly stands out from the larger online marketplace of cheating service providers. At most schools (unless expressly forbidden), editorial support is encouraged (or at least it should be).

The Office of Academic Integrity of Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health provides a summary of editorial assistance. They state that editors can be hired to provide stylistic modifications to course or capstone assignments. These modifications include help with spelling, grammar punctuation, clarity, referencing and alternative phrasing. All of these editorial inputs are considered acceptable.

Johns Hopkins says substantive modifications include the creation of new sentences that introduce new information, the rewriting of content to introduce new material, adding or deleting reference references or any other modification that alters the meaning or purpose of what you have written in a material manner.

Grammarly should be used by students

Grammarly has conducted its own research and found that 75% are afraid of being misunderstood. Grammarly users and contract-cheating customers share one thing in common. Both have a deep and real fear. Writing and language deficiencies are common at all levels of education and at alarming levels in the ivory tower.

This fear can be managed in many different ways. A cheating service is one option. Grammarly, however, offers a much better way to manage fear and even eradicate it.

Grammarly: Should educators use it?

We are now in the camp that supports Grammarly not only for students but also for teachers, especially those in higher education. At this level of instruction, we’re guessing you haven’t the time, energy or inclination to police punctuation, correct spelling, and train in the basic rules of grammar. These are the skills students should have learned before they go to university.

Unfortunately, many don’t. So unless the goal of each and every class is to grade compositional ability, it’s clear that many students simply need this resource. There is a strong argument that Grammarly should be mandatory for all students, even those who are not able to help them in basic compositional matters.

To return briefly to the business of contract cheating, it’s clear to anybody in this illicit sector that the client base is made up primarily of those who demonstrate such a need, whether because English is a second language, or because they simply lack the necessary academic tools to write. Regardless of the reason, colleges don’t teach writing. Writing is an essential skill. Before students can move on to higher education, they should have learned this skill. Many students resort to contract cheating when they lack both the skill and the academic support required to achieve it.

Here are some key takeaways

Grammarly is a well-known online grammar tester that’s been around since 2009.

It can accommodate business writing, academic writing, creative writing and more.

Grammarly can tag everything from unwieldy sentences to spelling errors.

Grammarly is free to use, but the paid version offers more features.