Is Grammarly Free

Is Grammarly Worth it? To Find Out…

Grammarly The short answer to this question is: Yes.

Grammarly Premium has been paid for for three years. We use it to review hundreds of articles every month.

But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s look at Grammarly and see if it is worth the extra cost.

Is it Worth Paying for Grammarly?

Grammarly is the perfect grammar checker to make writing easy. Grammarly can fix grammar mistakes, spelling errors, punctuation and more. Grammarly also has an amazing plagiarism checker that compares what you write to 16 billion other websites. Grammarly Chrome extensions are available as an option. They also offer a free grammar tester. You will eventually need to upgrade to unlock additional features like Grammarly plagiarism.

Is this a worthwhile paid service? Grammarly will catch every spelling mistake, but is it worth the cost?

To answer that question, here’s a Premium review.

Grammarly Premium can be used in a number of ways:

Upload or paste your files to their website and create a dashboard

Grammarly extension for Google Docs

An app for your Android or iOS device

Grammarly plagiarism scanner will protect you from incorrect citations

Grammarly can be used in so many different ways that it is easy to understand why Grammarly is such a favorite grammar, punctuation or spelling system.

Grammarly is the perfect tool for educators looking for ways to detect plagiarism and errors in student work.

Grammarly is great for business people too.

Grammarly’s services will be invaluable to editors and writers. It will also provide insight into the work of non-writers. Grammarly helps them create more effective email, social media posts, or any other written correspondence that they may have with clients or superiors.

Grammarly Premium can be used by all demographics, but not all. Can anyone of these people just use a Grammarly account free?

Let’s find out…

What are the benefits of Grammarly Premium?

Although the Grammarly Free version does have some good spell-checking features they are not as useful as the Premium version.

Grammarly Premium is all you’d expect in a comprehensive writing tool. This software puts Microsoft Word to shame by its multitude of features.

Clearance and engagement corrector is an example of one of the best. It measures your vocabulary and offers suggestions for improvement. These include removing repetitive words or phrases and improving your writing tone by using more active verbs with a direct meaning.

Premium also has a plagiarism-checker. This ensures that your writing remains original. This is vital due to unintentional or accidental plagiarizing being more common than you might think.

Even if it is not your intention to copy work, unintentional plagiarism can have devastating consequences for students as well academics.

Grammarly is the best? Grammarly Premium: What’s Inside?

Here is a screenshot taken directly from Grammarly’s website, which highlights all of Grammarly Premium’s additional features.

This image shows that Grammarly’s only free service is critical grammar and spelling checks.

This is great for casual writers. This is great for students or employees in non-writing fields.

But Grammarly Premium is needed to truly unlock everything.

Activating Grammarly Chrome browser addons will allow you to communicate with your clients and colleagues effectively via email. It’s embarrassing when clients or colleagues send you emails and then realize that your copy is full omissions.

The Grammarly Chrome and mobile app add-ons (like the Grammarly Keyboard) can police everything from your text message conversations, to Facebook messages, and tweets, ensuring that you’re not sending off some humiliating auto-corrected mess to a special someone.

Grammarly acts like any old spell checker, highlighting your mistakes in red. It will correct your mistake if you hover your cursor above it. Click on the suggestion to instantly make it right away.

This example was pulled from my computer, using the Gmail website. While it correctly detected spelling mistakes, it totally missed grammatical errors. That’s one of the drawbacks to using this free service. It’s not as thorough.

Grammarly Premium offers many more features, as you can see in the image at the start of this section.

They are:

Advanced checking for punctuation, grammar and sentence structure

Vocabulary enhancement tips

Suggestions for writing styles that are specific to a genre

And of course, the Grammarly plagiarism checker

You might think you can live with just one or two of these. These might be signs that you don’t appreciate how valuable they are for your writing.

Let’s take a closer look at Premium’s various features and identify who would most benefit from each one.

Grammarly Premium Features

Grammarly Premium has many features that will help you speed through editing and improve your writing. Advanced grammar & spelling checks, as well as genre-specific writing style checks, are just a few to name.

Let’s dive deeper into the most important Premium features.

Grammarly Premium Microsoft Add in

One of Grammarly’s promises is it catches over ten times more critical grammar and spelling errors than Microsoft Word. It can be used while you write Word documents or Outlook email messages. You can also choose from seven Grammarly categories to have Grammarly run your document.

#1 Contextual Spelling

#2 Grammar

#3 Punctuation

#4 Structure of Sentence

#5 Style

#6 Vocabulary enrichment

#7 Plagiarism

Click on the suggestion to make changes in text.

That’s it. Let’s move on to the next section.

Check for Plagiarism

Grammarly Premium features the plagiarism checking tool. It compares what you write to 16 billion websites to see if the content is identical. This is a great tool for bloggers and writers to cross-check their articles, make sure they cite the right resources and credit other authors.

Companies or contractors use it to confirm the writers they work with submitted unique content. It can also be used to check that students are being honest about their projects.

Grammarly may sometimes pull most commonly used words from websites and add them to the list. If we’re not talking about a full sentence, there’s nothing to worry about.

Spelling, Grammar Checker and Other Features

Grammarly Premium is the perfect tool for writers looking to improve their writing skills, no matter if they are writing an article, novel, or email. The program includes advanced grammar, context, sentence structure and punctuation checks. Grammarly will instantly suggest the correct word if you type “He said that the wong name” for example. The premium feature offers vocabulary enhancement suggestions. This includes identifying and suggesting words that are more appropriate, as well as suggesting others. Writers can get detailed explanations for corrections so they don’t make the same mistakes twice and improve their writing skills.

It’s not the end. With the Premium version, you can improve your Grammarly experience by adding words to your dictionary. These words will no more be highlighted in misspellings. A new feature is that you can double-click on words to see synonyms or definitions.

Our Verdict on Grammarly Premium

Grammarly Premium has some amazing tools but is only available as part of the pro plan. If you are able to afford it, we recommend the full package. But if you have limited funds or want more flexibility with your grammar software, then stick with the free version.